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Bank accounts

A bank account with a world famous investment bank is a core point of the service we strive to provide our clients with. It is rather simple and familiar to open and operate a day-to-day High street Bank account to make payments, pay taxes etc. It is not that simple when it comes to investments.

We do believe that an investment bank account should be carefully considered and arranged with a bank which suits the preferences of any particular individual investor and it might become the bulk of the entire investments strategy to create and stick to for many years ahead. It is our mission as well as our responsibility to find an investment bank to open an account with, in order to meet most requirements of a client.

Such an account should be:

        -a multicurrency one;

        - easy and convenient to operate with;

        -reasonably priced;

And should be able to provide:

        - number of high quality internationally ranked structured investment products;

        -direct day time access to the account manager or an investment consultant to obtain any useful information, research, funds’         performance etc;

        -opportunity to create a currency basket to achieve international assets allocation.

We usually advise our clients to open and use several bank accounts to achieve as many as possible of the financial goals they want to.