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Corporate and Business Strategy

Вusiness and corporate strategy are extremely important issues for any company to be meticulously considered, formulated and implemented on every stage of its development and business cycle.

Strategy is about choices and the latter are both a decision and an action.

As a PLAN strategy is a guideline to deal with a current situation or those predicted in the future;

As a PLOY strategy is a specific maneuver to outwit and outperform a competitor;

As a PATERN strategy is a stream of actions consistent with behavior;

As a POSITION strategy identifies where and how in its external environment and market the Company locates itself;

As a PERSPECTIVE strategy deals with the concept of the Company in terms of its corporate culture, ideology, mission and the character of the organization.

We utilize some contemporary frameworks to analyze industry and business of the company, such as:        





        ECOLOGICAL, and

        LEGAL macro-environmental analysis to understand current business environment, trends, new challenges, to recognize if the environment is stable or unstable, favorable or unfavorable, rather static or rather volatile, complexity and turbulence.

To answer the question:”what industry we are in”, what is the competitive advantage of the business, if any, its sustainability, Potter’s Five forces framework is utilized.


It provides business with comprehensive analysis of its competitive environments, threats and opportunities.


Value chain, to assess the resources and capabilities of a company and V(value)R(rarity) I(imitability) O(organization) analysis are two more frameworks our consultants utilize in order to elaborate the strategy of the company assess and promote its sustainable competitive advantage.