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Management accounting

“Don’t give me what I asked for, give me what I need to know NOW!

One of the main purposes of Management Accounting is its application in day to day decision making and control. Management in different positions in the Company doesn’t matter what industry it is involved in from floor to the chief executive officer require different kinds of information.

Appropriateness of information is often as valuable as accuracy when running a business unit, and often an executive finds it very difficult to define just what he/she needs to know. Managers need information on income and costs in order not only to assess past and present business performance but also to make forecasts, assumptions and predictions to define future policy of the company, assess its business and financial risks, implement scenario analysis, etc.

In the same time, it is not always obvious which data should be collected and what analytical techniques are to be utilized in order to attain the real picture of the business in question. For a particular business, there may be several analytical methods which could be used, yielding broadly similar business results.

We utilize some sophisticated methods of analysis and help our clients to understand to ones as well as the results obtained by the methods.

Our main goal is your business to be healthy and thriving.