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Offshore and international companies

Offshore and international companies are a well-know as well as widely utilized tool to enhance business performance, achieve high level of confidentiality, efficiency and legal tax-planning.

Among traditional offshore jurisdictions are: Belize, British Virgin Island, Gibraltar, Seychelles, Isle of Man, Bermudas, Bahamas, many others.
Most of these jurisdictions provide a high level of confidentiality, nevertheless currently require its shareholders as well as managing directors’ information to be revealed and kept in the registrar files.

Some of the jurisdictions require information to be retained with the agent’s or registered office address and not on the government body register.

Offshore company is usually incorporated as an LLC or LLP and may be involved in any legal business activities: commercial (trading) activity, investments-bonds, shares, money funds, mutual and hedge funds, property; education, building and construction, banking, insurance, brokerage, professional services, holdings, etc.

According to “Know your client” principle it is an important legal requirement for those to set up such a company to provide sufficient and reliable information on the sources of funds to be used in the company activities along with personal information of the beneficiaries and managers of the company.