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Onshore companies

Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Cyprus , are most popular onshore jurisdiction to incorporate a company.

These countries provide owners, beneficiaries and managers of the companies incorporated in the above mentioned jurisdictions with a number of benefits, such as:
- excellent reputation of companies incorporated in these countries,
- extremely stable political system and sound economical environment;
- favorable geographical position,
- banking system and investment environment -ones of the best in the World;
- availability of professional services and highly skilled human recourses;
- mild climate and immigration opportunities.
Above mentioned jurisdiction possess their own distinctive features as well.

For example, a company incorporated in the Netherlands and Belgium are often used as a holding company, those incorporated in Switzerland and the UK provide their owners with excellent investment and trading opportunities as well as Cyprus and UK companies are famous for a reason of a capital raising and investment banking opportunities.

Fnshore company can be used as on its own or in association with an offshore company to enhance tax-planning or(and) capital raising opportunities.
As it has been pointed out in the offshore company section there are legal requirement as follows:
According to Money Laundering legislation and “Know your client” principle it is an important legal requirement for those to set up such a company to provide sufficient and reliable information on the sources of funds to be used in the company activities along with personal information of the beneficiaries and managers of the company.